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Our Smoothing Cup Insert 
is designed to be worn with some of our swim styles, but can be worn with any swimwear or underwear that fits close to the body, or has some kind of pouch.

The following swimwear styles have a pocket built into the liner where you can place the soft cup insert:

  • Swim Short
  • Square Cut
  • Brief
  • Mini-Brief

PLEASE NOTE: Only 1 comes per order. You must select the size you want. The photo is meant to show the different sizes.

Our Soft Cup Insert is made of a soft, flexible foam and functions to:

  • subtly enhance the size and/or fullness of your 'package'.

  • provide a layer of modesty, and minimize excessive detailing of your anatomy

I made the decision to not have a pocket in the pouch lining of the bikini and the thong because the soft cup insert did not fit as well in these styles, due to the minimal design and more exaggerated contour of the pouch

Care Label instructions:

  • To get the longest life out of your foam soft cup, I recommend to hand wash and hand dry; DO NOT WRING-OUT to dry.

  • If you would rather machine wash your foam soft cup, then I would advise you to Machine wash cold on a delicate cycle, and hang or lay flat to dry.



I recommend ordering the soft cup size that correlates with the size of the swimsuit that you would order.

If you order a (3)XXXL swimsuit, you can order the (2)XXL cup size.

You can see additional photos of me wearing the cup and not wearing the cup on other product photos on this site. I always wear a size MEDIUM soft cup.

The depth of each different size varies only slightly.

DIMENSIONS / Measurements
**approximate measurements** individual items may vary slightly






1 3/4”  (4.4 cm)

5 3/4”  (15 cm)

3 3/4”  (9.5 cm)


2”  (5 cm)

6”  (15.2 cm)

4”  (10.1 cm)


2 1/4”  (5.7 cm)

6 1/8”  (15.6 cm)

4 1/8”  (10.5 cm)


2 3/8”  (6 cm)

6 1/4”  (15.9 cm)

4 1/4”  (10.8 cm)


2 1/2”  (6.4)

6 1/2”  (16.5 cm)

4 3/8“  (11.1 cm)


By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of our GRAND AXIS RETURNS / EXCHANGE POLICY.

which include (but are not limited to) the following:

- This product is not eligible for a return or a refund when it is discounted more than 39% it's original price, per our return policy.

- A 10% restocking fee will be incurred when doing a return or exchange.


Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews

Thank you for the fast delivery

Pete Look
SIZE of garment purchased: Small
COLOR of garment purchased: White
Overall Sizing / Fit Review: Somewhat large
Does a Nice Job in Enhancing the Fullness of your Package

I've now purchased two Grand Axis swim shorts that accomodate the smoothing cup. With the first swim short (a Large), I purchased a L smoothing cup. The second swim short was a Medium, so I felt I should go down to a M smoothing cup size, as the L smoothing cup projected an unrealistic "fullness" to my package. Turns out that the Medium cup is only SLIGHTLY smaller than the Large cup. Steve Grand was kind enough to send me a Small cup (which isn't that much smaller than the L or M cup!), and this one looks great in the suit: Not too large that it looks like obvious/artificial enhancement; but just large enough to give you the pool-side confidence that you're sporting the best look for this handsome swim short! I've had mumerous compliments on the look of the swim short.
Thanks Steve!

Richard Bixler
SIZE of garment purchased: Medium
COLOR of garment purchased: Lavender
Overall Sizing / Fit Review: True to size
Pouch Sizing / Fit: Perfect fit (True to size)
Seat Sizing / Fit: Perfect fit (True to size)

Perfect size

Heiko van de Sand
SIZE of garment purchased: Large
COLOR of garment purchased: Persimmon / Orange
Overall Sizing / Fit Review: Somewhat small
Pouch Sizing / Fit: Somewhat small / snug
Seat Sizing / Fit: Perfect fit (True to size)
Fucking hot wearing them!

Love to wear them....not only on beach...actually under my day dresses too... So fucking hot they make me horny every time.

Christopher Rynberk
SIZE of garment purchased: Large
COLOR of garment purchased: Other
Overall Sizing / Fit Review: True to size
Pouch Sizing / Fit: Somewhat large / loose
Great Package Cover

We both love our smoothing cup inserts. They look amazing with every type of clothing worn. No worries about sagging or movement from one side to the other (and no more comments on which side do “you” dress on.). The only comment I would make about the Cup insert in the swim shorts is that it is too loose and moves around unless we are in the water, when a type of suction takes over and everything is snug. When not engaged in a lot of activity, it performs fine in the swim short, but maybe the product is not made for activity, hence wear a gym short...

Raul Fabian
SIZE of garment purchased: Large
Overall Sizing / Fit Review: True to size
Pouch Sizing / Fit: Perfect fit (True to size)
Seat Sizing / Fit: Perfect fit (True to size)

You want to feel hot but without any unsightly bumps and lumps? The smoothing insert is perfect.
Why didn’t anyone think of this before? It’s genius!!!

David Rushford
SIZE of garment purchased: Large
COLOR of garment purchased: Aqua
Overall Sizing / Fit Review: True to size
Pouch Sizing / Fit: Perfect fit (True to size)
Seat Sizing / Fit: Somewhat small / snug
Perfect fit

Squeezing my junk into a cock ring and then pulling the posing suit on with the soft cup liner gives me the erotic attention getting look I was hoping for. Having a cut cock shows just the right amount of head through the suit when it gets wet.