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Hey guys! Welcome to the GRAND AXIS store! My name is Steve Grand.

I’m a singer/songwriter whose been fortunate enough to make a living performing my music all over the world! (check me out on YouTube, or here  ;)).

I’m also a men’s underwear fanatic!

I’ve been an enthusiastic fan of men's underwear for a long time! I’ve always loved how a great fitting pair of underwear has the power to make a man feel confident, strong, sophisticated, and sexy. After years of accumulating hundreds of pairs of underwear in all different styles, from brands all over the world, I know that finding a pair of underwear that is the right style, fit, and quality, can be very hit or miss (especially when ordering online).

I decided that is was time I take what I had I learned as a consumer, expand on it, and create the perfect men’s underwear brand: functional and comfortable enough for everyday wear; masculine and sporty enough for stripping down to in your gym locker room; and sexy and sophisticated enough for the bedroom.

After two years of perfecting the fit and hunting down all the highest quality materials, I think I have created something you are really going to love!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

And STAY TUNED, as I will be launching my first swimwear collection this SPRING (2020).

- Steve