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Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief
Swim Mini-Brief

Swim Mini-Brief

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Our Swim Mini-Brief is my personal go-to choice! I've been wearing iterations of this suit for years (check out my IG: @SteveGrandMusic).

The Swim Mini-Brief is very much like our Swim Brief with key exceptions being:

  • Mini-Brief is made in a lighter, slightly-more-stretchy fabric

  • Mini-Brief front pouch is narrower

  • Mini-Brief hip height is 1 1/2" / Swim Brief hip height is 2 3/8"

The swim brief is a decades-old icon of masculinity, athleticism, and male sexuality. But, in my experience, finding one that fits has been a challenge.  

On more traditional swim briefs, the front pouch is often too flattening/unflattering to the male anatomy; on the other hand, briefs with a more modern design tend to over-correct this problem, and the result creates something that is too "out-there" for my comfort.

I designed our Swim Brief to find the sweet spot between these two experiences, and then, to make the Swim Mini-Brief, I used a lighter, stretchier fabric, reduced the hip height to 1 1/2", and narrowed the pouch slightly:

The front pouch, with its 2 layers of lining and pocket for our optional soft cup insert (recommended), is contoured precisely to give your package that ideal round, full look without showing too much detail.

In the spirit of the classic swim briefs of the past, we kept the rest pretty simple:

  • 6 solid matte colors to choose from. 
  • A drawchord that ties on the inside.
  • Our small, black "GA" logo on the front right hip.

Our Swim Mini-Brief is MADE IN THE USA


This swimsuit, the mini-brief, is the reason I became a designer and started GRAND AXIS.

For over 10 years I’ve been trying to find this swimsuit. Over that time I bought from dozens of different brands and spent thousands of dollars in the pursuit of a swim suit like this. I couldn’t find it on the market, so I began to design and produce my own, and now I’m sharing that design with you!

If you’ve followed me on social media the last few years (@SteveGrandMusic on IG) and have seen me in a swimsuit like this, chances are, it was an earlier prototype of this mini-brief.

My primary goal, when designing this swimsuit, was to give your package a full, round look without showing too much detail. The front pouch, with its 2 layers of lining and optional soft cup insert, is contoured precisely to create that round, full look.

NOTE: I recommend purchasing this suit with our soft cup insert (add for an additional $4.00 US), as it helps give your package a fuller, rounder look, and reduces excessive detailing of your anatomy. Before purchasing, look through the photos I have included to see how the soft cup insert fits into the liner pocket, and to see how the suit looks with and without the soft cup insert.

Colors: Charcoal, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow,   **Turquoise (check back in a few weeks for this color)**

Side Seam / Hip Height at most narrow: 1 1/2"


  • Lining: 2 layers of soft, Radiance nylon/spandex fabric in the front pouch only.
    • bottom of lining attaches to crotch seam; top of lining attaches to to top of waist band; the sides of the lining have elastic in them and do not attach to the body of the swimsuit. This is to help give your pouch that more full, round look.
    • lining pocket: The inside layer of the lining has an opening at the top to insert our optional molded soft cup (recommended) to give your pouch an even slightly fuller look without being too over-the-top ;)
  • Center back elastic: 1/4” width elastic sewn into center back seam to give definition and a subtle lift to your butt without any fabric ruching.
  • Drawcord: 7 mm thick, flat, braided drawcord with plastic end caps; ties on the inside center front of garment; does not stretch
  • Art work: Small, black “GA” heat-seal logo on front right hip.


  • Body Fabric: 4-way stretch Sportivo Nylon/Spandex fabric.
  • Lining Fabric: ultra-soft, 4-way stretch Radiance nylon/spandex

PLEASE NOTEgetting into this suit does require more adjusting than you may be used to, and it will be a snug fit for guys of average endowment, but the good news is that once you get everything all in place, it should stay there, and it will look great!

Note: None of the photos of the swimwear on this site were edited to alter the colors of the swimsuits, or to smooth out any wrinkles or fold lines of the swimsuits, etc. I asked the photographer to make sure of this so that you guys can have an accurate idea of what this swimwear looks like when worn.

CARE LABEL INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash cold with like colors. Hang to dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach.



Front Pouch: fits snug for the 'average' guy. It will take a minute of adjusting to get all your 'stuff' inside. Personally, I think it's worth the effort, because I like the look of a pouch I can fill entirely. y

Seat: FULL seat coverage. I designed the elastic in the seat leg to not have a lot of tension, so that it will not dig into your butt cheeks too much, but will lay over them in a more flattering way.


Size Chart

Waist size *inches*

 Waist size *cm*


28 - 30”

 71.1 - 76.2 cm


 31- 33"

78.7 - 83.8 cm



86.4 - 91.4 cm



94 - 99.1 cm



101.6 - 109.2 cm



111.7 - 119.4 cm


  • I am the model in all of the photos on this site
  • I am 5'11"; 195 lbs; I have a 33" Waist 
  • I am wearing a size MEDIUM for all styles and colors, for a snug fit

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